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“Regional Disparities in Per Capita Income in India: Convergence or Divergence?”

The paper looks at the latest evidence of what has been happening to regional disparities in per capita income (measured as Gross State Domestic Product per capita) in India over the first decade of the twenty first century (1999/00 to 2010/11) by estimating cross section equations for unconditional and conditional beta convergence and sigma convergence across thirty two regions (twenty-eight States and four Union Territories). There is no evidence of unconditional convergence, but weak evidence of conditional convergence controlling for population growth; credit growth; male literacy; the share of agriculture in State GDP, and State expenditure as a share of State GDP. Sigma divergence has increased continuously, except among the poorest States.

Rowan Cherodian

Date: 2013-08
Keywords: Regional Growth; India; Convergence/Divergence

(resumo de “paper”, disponível no sítio referenciado)

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"Perceptions of residents of the hosting of the ´Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture`: an ´ex-ante` approach"

«The European Capital of Culture is an annual mega-event, which can be a good way of challenging and engaging local citizens, generating feelings of common citizenship. Besides, it is an ideal opportunity to promote the restructuring of the hosting urban space. However, the success of, both, the organization and the city that hosts the cultural event, depend on the commitment of residents towards it and of the consistency of the tourism attractions and activities supplied, and of the capacity of anticipating and monitoring the evolution of the tourists` preferences. The present study aims to assess the intention to participate and the impacts perceived by residents of Guimarães (northwest of Portugal) of the hosting of one of the 2012 European Capitals of Culture (2012 ECOC) in the ex-ante period (the year of 2011). Through a convenience sample of 510 surveys applied to the local population, complemented by semi-structured interviews to local and regional actors, conducted between October and December 2011, we tried to identify some of these potential impacts. According to the results we got, only 42.4% of residents had a reasonable prior knowledge of the mega-event and, with regard to participation, only 14.9% intended to participate. Compared to the study of Melville et al. (2010), referred to the Liverpool 2008 ECOC, we believe it is useful to retain that 57% of the population had a prior reasonable knowledge about the mega-event.»

Paula Remoaldo
J. Cadima Ribeiro
Mécia Mota

(título e resumo de comunicação a apresentar no 53rd ERSA Congress, a decorrer em Palermo, Itália, de 27 a 31 de Agosto de 2013)

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"Resilient territories: innovation and creativity for new modes of regional development": CALL FOR PAPERS

"Resilient territories: innovation and creativity for new modes of regional development"


The conference intends to contribute for the definition and advancing of the scientific agenda in the topics of resilience, innovation and regional creativity. The stabilization of this agenda and the informed discussion about different conceptualizations is crucial for the alignment and engagement of the scientific community in the study of these crucial topics. The conference is also focused in informing policy and decision-makers, in different levels of action, about the advancements of conceptualization in these domains. This may have relevant impacts in the process of planning, designing new policy measures and instruments, specifically for the implementation of Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS 3), that can help the construction of more resilient territories in Europe.

This workshop also integrates a focus group discussion about “Human Capital and Related Variety in the Maritime Economy” developed by HARVEST Atlantic – Harnessing all resources valuable to economies of seaside territories on the Atlantic, project co-financed by the European cooperation program INTERREG Atlantic Area, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

For more information see:  http://www.apdr.pt/evento_19/index.html

Thank you for your kind attention and support. We look forward to meet you at the conference.

Julieta Rosa
Eventos & Comunicação
CIEO - Centro de Investigação sobre o Espaço e as Organizações
Universidade do Algarve | Campus de Gambelas
FE | Edifício 9 | 8005-139 Faro
Tel: +351 289 800 900 (ext. 7161)
E-mail: jarosa@ualg.pt

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When one has success

"When one has success, the answer is not to undo that success. It is to continue what has been done."

Charles Schumer

(citação extraída de SBANC Newsletter, August 6, Issue 779 - 2013, http://www.sbaer.uca.edu)