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"Destination attributes and tourist`s satisfaction in a cultural destination"

«Cultural tourism is one of the leading growing segments of the tourism industry. Many tourists who visit heritage sites seek a value-added and authentic experience, when compared with the traditional products or mass destinations. Considering the importance of tourist`s satisfaction in what regards the revisit intentions and word-of-mouth referrals, which in turn influence the economic development of the tourist destination, this study attempts to investigate the relationship between cultural/heritage destination attributes and tourist`s satisfaction. The study area for this paper is the city of Guimarães, in the northwest of Portugal. This city is a place of strong symbolic and cultural significance and was deemed a world heritage site (UNESCO) in the year 2001. In 2012, Guimarães was one of the cities that hosted the European Capital of Culture (ECOC). All this enhanced its tourism potential and increased the amounts of visitors. The methodology consists of quantitative research based on a self-administered survey applied to tourists who visited Guimarães in the first half of 2015. Based upon the empirical results of this study, several recommendations can be made to increase tourists’ satisfaction vis-à-vis to Guimarães, regarding tourists’ needs, attributes valorization and cultural/heritage sustainability.»

Laurentina Vareiro, Management School, Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave and UNIAG, Barcelos, Portugal, lvareiro@ipca.pt
J. Cadima Ribeiro, Economics and Management School and NIPE, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, jcadima@eeg.uminho.pt
Paula Remoaldo, Department of Geography and Lab2pt, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal, cris.remoaldo@gmail.com               

(resumo de comunicação apresentada na XLI Conference on Regional Studies - AECR, subordinada genericamente ao tema Innovation and Geographical Spillovers: New Appproaches and Evidence, que decorreu na Facultad de Economia y Empresa da Universitat Rovira i Virgili, em Réus, Espanha, entre 18 e 20 de novembro de 2015; 18 págs.)

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Call for Papers | 23rd APDR workshop | 26 January 2016 | Braga


Smart Specialization aims an effective use of resources in space and time, based on a careful analysis of the existing capabilities of cities, regions or countries, involving multiple stakeholders in a mechanism of governance that explore mutual synergies so that countries, regions, places and persons can be competitive and sustainable in the global economy. 
The aim of this workshop is to evaluate the evolution of the application of this concept in Portugal looking not only at programs and projects but mainly in the attitude of the various stakeholders in their cities and regions. 
A selection of the papers presented will be published in a special issue of RPER (Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais / Portuguese Review of Regional Studies). 

Abstracts Submission 
Abstract Submission Deadline: December 27, 2016 
Results of the review process will be communicated to authors by approximately: January 1, 2016
Abstract submission should include: 
1) Title of the Paper 
2) Author Information 
3) Abstract Text (500 words limit) should include: Objectives Data / Methods Results / Expected Results 
4) Key words Abstracts should be submitted electronically, as a Word File, to apdr@apdr.pt, indicating in the subject “23 Workshop APDR - Abstract" and in the body the topic. 

Topics Smart Specialization
o Integration and Rooting of Foreign Direct Investment 
o Institutional Innovation for Smart Specialization 
o Technological Innovation for Smart Specialization ​
o Small Scale Smart Specialization Regional Policy. 
o Learning from failures and achievements of Regional Policy 
o Regional Policy and Smart Specialization 
o Regional Convergence and Smart Specialization 
o Evaluation Policy Tools for Smart Specialization Regional Cooperation and Regional Conflicts. 
o Understanding Regional Conflicts from a Regional Science Perspective 
o Globalization and Borders of Economic Integration 
o European Integration and European Borders ​
o European Integration and Country Disintegration 

All information at: http://www.apdr.pt/evento_23
We count on you. Send us your contribution!»

(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu entretanto na caixa de correio eletrónico, proveniente da entidade organizadora do evento)