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"AAWE Wine Economics, Call for Papers, Conference in Stellenbosch"


Dear wine friends,
7th Annual Conference from June 26-29, 2013, in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
The meetings will be hosted by the University of Stellenbosch and the Western Cape Province. 

Please submit a 1000-word abstract by March 1, 2013.
Details will be posted on our new website at  http://www.wine-economics.org/meetings/

Please also check out the Journal of Wine Economics and our free access AAWE Working Papers.
In order to receive the Journal of Wine Economics (hard copy and online access) join AAWE for $49 per year. 
You can sign up or renew your membership at http://www.wine-economics.org/membership/join-the-aawe/.

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Best wishes,

Karl Storchmann»

(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu entretanto na caixa de correio electrónico, proveniente da entidade identificada)

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