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"Call for papers | 10th World Congress of the RSAI, May 26-30, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand"

«Call for Papers

The Regional Science Association International (RSAI) invites regional scientists, policy makers and researchers of related disciplines to participate in the 10th World Congress. The Congress will be hosted by the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, Bangkok. It will be held at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, May 26-30, 2014 on the theme of

Socioeconomic Integration and Transformation: Reshaping Local, Regional, and Global Spaces

The Congress will feature several world-renowned keynote speakers on cutting-edge urban and regional science and policy issues, expert panels, research presentations and posters. It will be attended by 500 delegates from the worldwide community of regional scientists.

Research topics related to the theme of the congress are particularly welcome, but the conference will be open to other topics within the broader contours of the regional science, urban and regional studies, geographical sciences and planning, and development. Anticipated sub-themes of the congress include the following:

·         Emerging challenges for regional development
·         Vision and management of sustainable cities
·         Energy, development, and sustainability
·         Rural and local development
·         Accessibility, infrastructure and regional economic growth
·         Social capital and regional development
·         Agglomeration, clusters, congestion and policy
·         Crisis of public finances, governance and regional development
·         Globalization and regional competitiveness
·         Cross-border cooperation and development
·         Migration, cultural networks and regional development
·         Foreign direct investment
·         Social segregation, poverty and social policy
·         Spatial labor markets
·         Climate change and sustainable regional development
·         Entrepreneurship, networks and innovation
·         Innovation, knowledge economy and regional development
·         Geographical information science and spatial analysis
·         Spatial econometrics
·         New frontiers in regional science: theory and methodology
·         Infrastructure, transportation and communication
·         Land use, real estate and housing markets
·         Facility location modeling
·         Tourism, cultural industries and regional development
·         Urban governance and cities regeneration
·         The computable city
·         City systems and systems of cities
·         Spatial organization and social media
·         Territorial marketing
·         Advances in I-O and CGE modeling
·         Food security
·         Global cities
·         Southeast Asian regional economic integration
·         Politics, ethnicity, and empowerment

We invite formal paper presentations as well as posters (deadline of December 1st, 2013). Organizers of special session are also welcome. The abstract submission portal is now open, along with the congress registration system. Full information on the venue, abstract submission, registration, schedule of events, accommodation and travel information is posted at Delegates will soon be able to register for workshops and tutorials.

Feel free to contact the secretariat of the Congress at for further information. We look forward to welcoming you in the dazzling city of Bangkok in May 2014.

Jean-Claude Thill, RSAI President
Tomaz Dentinho, RSAI Executive Director»

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