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Call for Abstracts | 1st AMRS Congress and 23rd APDR Congress, May 30-31,2016, Marrakech, Morocc

«It is our pleasure to announce the 1st Moroccan Regional Science Association (AMRS) Congress and 23rd Portuguese Association for Regional Development (APDR) Congress, to be held at Marrakech, Morocco, from May 30 to 31, 2016.
Theme of the Conference: Sustainability of Territories in the Context of Global Changes
The Congress will work through plenary sessions, conferences and round tables and parallel sessions. Parallel sessions will include: i) abstracts submitted to Regular Sessions (RS), proposed by the organization; and ii) abstracts submitted to Special Sessions (SS), proposed by participants. Sessions can be either in English, French or Portuguese.
The call for abstracts is open and your participation is very welcome!
Special Sessions

SS01 - Regional Science in Africa
Organizers: Cássio Rolim and Tomaz Ponce Dentinho
SS02 - Asymmetries in metropolitan areas: measuring, correcting and rethinking
Organizer: Jorge Gonçalves
SS03 - Sustainable Tourism in the Age of Globalization
Organizers: Oliver Fritz and Martin Falk
SS04 - Entrepreneurship in sustainable and creative territories
Organizer: Luísa Carvalho
SS05 - Cultural Tourism and Regional Development
Organizers: Paula Remoaldo, Laurentina Vareiro and José Cadima Ribeiro, University of Minho
SS06 - Contributions of higher education institutions (HEIs) for territorial development: building bridges between the local and global
Organizer: Conceição Rego
SS07 -Sustainable Built Environments for a better Human Health
Organizers: Elisabete Freire and José Luís Crespo
SS08 - Participatory Planning and Sustainable Built Space
Organizers: José Luís Crespo and Elisabete Freire
SS09 - Adapting to global change at the coast
Organizers: Nadia Mhammdi and Abdellatif Khattabi
SS10 - Adapting to climate change through improved watershed management and payment for environmental services
Organizer: Abdellatif Khattabi

Themes of Regular Sessions:

1.        Agriculture, fisheries and food security
2.        Climate change mitigation and adaptation
3.        Climate risk management in the perspective of human security
4.        Economics of Environmental and Natural Resources
5.        Education, health, wealth, and human welfare
6.        Environmental services and their attractiveness to private sectors
7.        Financial System and Regional Development
8.        Green growth in energy, transport and infrastructures
9.        Green growth in natural resources
10.     Local Reactions to Global Changes
11.     Mediterranean Renaissance
12.     Migration and urban vitality
13.     Migration, Urbanization and Spatial Justice
14.     Natural resources, biodiversity, environment and sustainable development
15.     Opportunities and constraints for innovation in green enterprises
16.     Poverty, social policy in space and environment
17.     Regional Cooperation and Development
18.     Regional Development in Africa
19.     Rural Development and Agriculture Economics
20.     Spatial Dimensions of the Financial and Monetary Crises
21.     Territorial Multi functionality and, Sustainable Regional Development
22.     Theory, Methods, Data and Reality in Regional Science
23.     Bartolomeu Award*

Deadline for Abstracts submissions: April 10, 2016. Abstracts should be submitted electronically, using the platform available on the Conference website:
All information at the congress website:
Looking forward to meeting you in Marrakech!
Abdellatif Khattabi
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee
*The Bartholomew award is awarded to scientists aged less than 33 years (including co-authors) on the 15th of July each year, presenting a paper in a session of APDR Congress. The prize is awarded by a jury of appreciation by the Director of the Portuguese Journal of Regional Studies and two scientists appointed by him. The assessment criteria are: conceptual coherence, relevance to regional science and its impact on regional development

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