sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2016

"Perceived Impacts of the European Youth Capital 2012"

"This paper examines the economic and sociocultural impacts perceived by participants and residents of the hosting of the European Youth Capital 2012 (EYC 2012) by Braga, Portugal. During the EYC 2012, a survey was applied to 512 individuals, complemented by the implementation of a focus group. Several statistical procedures, including principal components analysis, were carried out in order to identify the impacts of the event. From the results obtained, we could conclude that the hosting of the EYC did not attract a large amount of visitors to the city. The younger respondents, predominant in the sample, tended to keep a more positive assessment of the impacts of the EYC 2012, as well as women when compared to men."

Paula Remoaldo 
Eduardo Duque 
J. Cadima Ribeiro 

(resumo de artigo entretanto publicado em Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais, Nº 43, 2016, pp. 21-34)

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