quinta-feira, novembro 02, 2017

"Evaluating the on-going and ex-post impacts on Braga (Portugal) from hosting the 2012’s European Youth Capital"

Abstract: The primary objective of this paper was to assess the impacts of Braga (Portugal) being the 2012’s European Youth Capital (EYC 2012), as perceived by the residents of the hosting city of Braga and the EYC 2012 event participants. To achieve these goals, two surveys were conducted: an on-going survey (2012 – 110 respondents) and an ex-post survey (2013 - 73 respondents). The comparative analysis enabled us to draw the conclusion that there was a more positive perception of the impacts of the hosting of the EYC 2012 in the ex-post period than in the on-going one. The best indicator of the perception of the effects of the hosting of the mega-event is, surely, the claim commonly expressed by the respondents that the city should apply for hosting similar future mega-events.

Keywords: Perceived impacts, quantitative approach, residents and participants` perceptions, mega-events, European Youth Capital 2012.

Paula Cristina Remoaldo
Márcio Góis
José Cadima Ribeiro

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