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"IFKAD 2013 - Call for tracks proposals"

«8th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics
12-14 June 2013, Zagreb - Croatia
on the theme of
Smart Growth: Organizations, Cities and Communities
Dear Josè Cadima Ribeiro,
We are kindly inviting you to propose track session for the 8th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics (IFKAD 2013) on the theme: "Smart Growth: Organizations, Cities and Communities". The Forum will take place in Zagreb (Croatia) on 12-14 June 2013.
IFKAD 2013 invites proposal of track sessions representing original, inspiring and research-grounded studies, as well as examples and best practices able to drive academics, executives, managers and policy-makers searching models, tools and solutions to better understand why and how to transform their organizations and communities into "smart systems". 2013.
In today’s business landscape the creation of sustainable value and wealth appears more and more related to the capacity of shaping smart organizations and communities. Increasingly the concept of 'smart growth' is becoming a key issue in the strategic agenda of both business organizations and public authorities. Creating and evolving towards smart, sustainable and inclusive organizations and communities emerge as a key-lever to activate and support development paths in the 21st century. This is the focus of the European Union's Europe 2020 strategy and US Smart Growth America programme. The aim of IFKAD 8th is to explore the relevance of the knowledge and intellectual capital management for supporting business organizations as well as regional and urban systems to evolve and become smarter.
» Smart growth for 21st century organizations: characteristics and applications
» Relationships between knowledge assets and smart organizational configurations
» Knowledge-perspective of smart organizations and communities 

» Knowledge management strategy for smart organizations and communities 
» Knowledge and innovation capacity for smart organizations and communities 
» Knowledge resources for smart R&D 
» Customer-supplier relationships changing for smarter value chains 
» Planning smarter regions and cities Intelligent regions and cities 
» Knowledge value drivers and smart mobility 
» Knowledge value drivers and smart health 
» Human capital and smart education 
» Knowledge and social innovation models for communities development 
» ICT solutions for smart government Linking knowledge assets to smart culture and tourism 
» Knowledge management applications and tools for renewable energy and smart grid 
» Performance measurement of smart organizations and communities 
» Arts-based initiatives for shaping smart organizations and communities
Each proposal will be evaluated by the IFKAD Scientific Committee. It will analyse the proposals and will provide comments and suggestions. Decisions will be based on the overall assessment of the proposal taking into account its research focus, the track team and the fit with the conference topics.
The responsibility of the track chair will be to 

» Design and propose a track theme making sure it contributes to the conference theme 

» Promote the track internationally making sure that it attracts an adequate number of submissions 

» Take care of peer review cycle for the extended abstracts/papers submitted to your track 
» In agreement with the IFKAD co-chairs, select the papers to be included in the conference program 
» Identify the best papers to be invited for publication in journal special issues and nominate one best paper award 
» Write a short abstract reviewing the key insights presented at your track
Track proposals have to be submitted to quoting "IFKAD 2013 Track Proposal". 

In order to prepare your track proposal please use this proposal template.
» 3 September 2012 - Track Proposals Submission Deadline 

» 24 September 2012 - Deadline for track notification 

» 8 October 2012 - Announcement of tracks & call for papers
Please, if you need further information, do not hesitate to contact our manager at or visit the official website of the above event:
We thank you for your interest in bringing together a successful conferenceof IFKAD 2013. 

Sincerely yours
Ante Pulic, Giovanni Schiuma and JC Spender 

Chairmen of IFKAD 2013»

(reprodução de mensagem que me caiu no início da passada semana na caixa de correio electrónico, proveniente da entidade identificada)

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